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    The Basics

    What is Linkify?

    Linkify is a tool that enables publishers to give users an enhanced way to rapidly get relevant information as they read and consume content. Linkify automatically links hot keywords that then become searchable for people, places, and things with just one tap. Linkify uses its own intelligent keyword selection engine that automatically generates relevant links based on content. Linkify aims to make finding relevant information on smartphones and tablets faster and smarter while improving the user’s overall reading experience.

    What can I do with Linkify?

    Using Linkify, hotlinks will be automatically generated based on the words within an app, or on a webpage such as a news site or blog. Tapping on those links will pop up services such as Wikipedia, Google, YouTube, etc.. Users can search for additional information.

    Who is the intended audience of the Linkify?

    The benefits Linkify delivers will appeal to readers of news sites, blog reader apps and many mobile apps and webpages that offer or present text-based information to customers.

    Do you have an example that demonstarates how to use of Linkify?

    Please check the documentation by clicking Introduction.

    Getting Started

    What do I need in order to access Linkify?

    Linkify requires an account with any of these services: Twitter, Facebook, Google, or GitHub. For details, please visit the following page .

    How do I get started?

    1. Sign in top right hand corner.
    2. From the admin screen, you’ll need to register the app / webpage for which you want to use Linkify.
    3. Select the style of the links and the widgets.
    4. Copy the JavaScript into your mobile app or webpage.

    How long does it typically take to integrate Linkify?

    Just one step really. Simply copy and paste the JavaScript code away.

    How much does it cost to use Linkify?

    Nothing – Linkify is free.

    Platforms / Languages Supported

    What mobile platforms are supported?

    Linkify is currently available for the Android platform, iOS platform and Titanium Mobile platform.

    What programming languages can I use to develop with Linkify?

    Programming languages supported include: Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android, JavaScript for Titanium, and HTML pages. For more details, please visit Introduction .

    What languages do you support?

    Linkify supports English and Japanese. However, you can only select one of these languages at a time.

    Reporting and Other Services

    What support services are available?

    Wikipedia, Google Search, Google Image Search, Twitter Search, YouTube Search, Google News Search, Flickr Search, and Tumblr Search. For Google Search, developers can also select AdSense for Search, which will help monetization for the app or webpage.

    What type of reporting and/or analytic reporting are available?

    You will see the daily / weekly / monthly page views of pages using Linkify within the admin screen.

    Technical Topics

    Why do configuration changes of widget/app take no effect?

    Linkify caches customized JavaScript not to slow down your application performance. Please wait for about an hour at maximum to refresh JavaScript.

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