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  • Customize Linkify Application


    You can customize how the generated links and the widgets look like. All ready to match your own applications’ design themes.

    Select an Application

    First of all, please select the target application you want to customize. You can select the application from the drop down menu on upper left corner of the customize page.


    Customize Widget Settings

    You can customize your widget’s popup design depending on your taste. Popup design can be chosen 3 types from both Flat Design and Basic Design. Click and check how it looks like in the preview screen on the left hand side.


    Customize Widget Service

    Click the Service Settings tab to customize your widget service. Services displayed in Linkify widget can be customized. To exchange the service, drag and drop the service from the list below to the upper pallet.


    Save Settings

    Click the blue save button and the customization is finished. Please notice that the settings will not be saved unless this save button is clikced.


    Preview Settings

    It might be hard to imagine how Linkify widget looks like in your webstites or applications. You can change preview screen’s background color and text color. Use the colorpicker below the preview screen and check the appearance.

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