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    Linkify is a breakthrough way to search on mobile devices. Users can access data right at their fingertips, without having to go elsewhere. Just by tapping on the link, a widget appears right on the spot. Once the widget is closed, users resume reading the original article – without any disruption.

    Integrating Linkify into your app is easy. You can install Linkify into your iOS, Android, Titanium, or web apps by copying and pasting in a few lines of code. Once you’ve added your code, Linkify handles everything else.

    Linkify helps you monetize your apps. For developers, this introduces a brand new way of placing ads inside content, without using unattractive banners that reduce screen real estate or interfere with the UI. Linkify currently supports monetization using Google AdSense for search and Amazon Associates.

    Requesting features is most welcomed! Please contact us with your suggestions or ideas to help us improve Linkify!

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